It’s Not KETO: Declare Your Independence From Unhealthy Foods!

In 4 months time between these photos. It took less than 3 months to lose the weight.

Life At The Speed Of Beans and Greens!


Wishing You Each a fantastic 4th of July ! Declare your own personal independence from food that is unhealthy. Make sure you eat vegetables, fruit, grains and legumes! You would be amazed!

Will you be in St. Louis, MIssouri   July 14th, 2018?  Register for this  and learn how to change your life!  (Note, neither I nor anyone in my family affiliated with this event or it’s organizers and speakers. Make sure you work with your doctor in determining what is best for your health. I spread the word because for me, it’s been wonderful)                            STL Plant Based Summit

Stop Eating Animal Products: The Power Of The Right Foods



Three month’s time is all it took. At age 55 and morbidly obese and unhappy with how I looked and felt, I couldn’t be happier about where I am now. It’s been easy.

I’m no where close to ending my weight loss journey, but it’s nice to have this level of visible success in a short time. It’s even better to get back lab results that show a 57% drop in my LDL Cholesterol, a normalization of blood sugars and blood pressure.

No doctor told me to remove meat, cheese and eggs from my diet. My body literally refused it all. So I educated myself and have made sure that I still eat foods that my body needs each day. Dr. Neal Barnard of The Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyne of The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Michael Greger and his Daily Dozen as well as the documentaries Forks Over Knives and What The Health have had great influence.

The combination of Lipedema, Lymphedema and Dercum’s Disease keeps my body misshaped and lumpy. So I am not seeking the perfect body.  I just want to coexist with the body I have and tread upon it as little as possible.

It’s amazing that not one of my doctors ever suggested directly to me that a plant-based diet is the way to go. Yet, when they saw the results they each have said to me that this way of eating is how everyone should be eating.

I think perhaps that eating meat, cheese and eggs is so engrained in many of us from childhood onward as the center of our nutritional universe. Maybe the doctors are afraid to be so open about their views about plant-based eating.

Take a good look at the side by side photos. There is considerable physical and mental misery of being that larger woman on the right where animal products contributed terribly to inflammation in my body as well as added pounds. Having Primary lipedema and lymphedema as well as Dercum’s Disease and Fibromyalgia, the last thing I needed was all that inflammation and the increased risks associated with being morbidly obese.

So I’m putting it out there. Don’t be afraid to explore how to have a balanced diet without animal products. Doctors are wonderful but sometimes people need to take charge of their health. My labs and the photo shared here, shows that indeed it is healthier to eat a specific kind of plant-based diet.

Your doctor may not lead, but don’t let that hold you back on trying. Get your labs done every few months to make sure your body is handling it ok and get some input from your doctor how such changes could impact how your medications work with your body. You may find you need less of them.

If you are in St. Louis, MO July 14th, 2018 consider attending this summit. What caught my attention is that the doctors presenting are top experts in what has saved me life.

STL Plant Based Summit




“Plant-Based Diet Took Off 50 lbs in 3 Months”

Today I realized I lost 50 pounds in under 3 months. No fasting, no surgeries, no gimmicks.  No starving either. My past blog posts explains how I did it what it accomplished for my health.

But for now, here are some photos. First photo is 50 pounds down taken 6/26/18 and the second photo is me on or about April 7th, 2018.

About the 50 pounds heavier photo..Other people lose weight after the flu, not me. I ended up in the hospital and because of my fat disorders, I gained ten pounds that week even with not eating and nothing staying down.  (that’s what lipedema, Dercum’s and lymphedema does).

So the first photo on the left here is a big deal. To lose weight, any weight and without much exercise since I am disabled, is a big deal.  50 pounds down for the gal who can go without eating and still gain weight.



I am so grateful to Forks Over Knives, and the researchers who appeared in the documentary. Their combined research and writings have changed my life. 

Forks Over Knives is a Documentary you can catch on Netflix. They also have books out and you can look them up on their website. Make sure to catch the documentary or the books. There are more resources contained in them.

RSTL Plant Based Summit

So wonderfully excited to be attending the St. Louis, Missouri Summit.  It’s quite a bargain. Not familiar with experts listed? Look them up! You see why this is going to be fabulous.  I will be in the audience soaking in all the info I can get!

Get more information and register at this website

Here is to my reaching my goal of another 40-50 pounds.  Here is to you being kind to yourself and your dreams coming true. Here is to healthy. 

My Sideshow Career Over: Morbidly Obese No More

Photos coming soon.Cindy selfie photo

I have always been a fat girl. Accomplished, success driven, but always large. Raised and fed like my twig of a fraternal twin sister, I always have had chubby cheeks and arms, stomach, hips and legs as well. So being fat has been my life long identifier. If I ever forgot, the world was always there to remind me. I just coexisted with it while doing every diet in the book.

My identifier the past decade has been that I’ve been a member of the Fat Disorder community. Many of us are much larger than our calorie intake would indicate and most of us are considered by people who pass us on the street as morbidly obese.

Most picture us sitting all day eating bon-bons and ordering in pizza and devouring massive amounts of foods.  Actually those of us in the fat disorder community have been dealing with disorders that create size issues based  on genetic lymphatic problems. Our lymph fluid fills our tissue and also some like myself have fatty tumors that are so painful throughout our body. (Lymphedema, Lipedema and Dercum’s Disease)

As we all know the pressure to be thin especially for women, is pretty strong and we’ve all read over time or known people who suffered from eating disorders because of that pressure. Now can you imagine walking around looking “circus lady fat” or people assume you are lazy and eat too much?

There are eating disorders that eventually blend in for many with such disorders.. Nothing creates misunderstandings more than someone being very large but calories having nothing to do with that largeness. The more one feels like an outsider, and nothing does it quite like being very large can,  the easier it is to limit your calories for yourself to unhealthy levels or go the other direction. Some people decide why care about the number of calories since they will look large anyways. They eat quite a bit for comfort.  When the latter happens, then more weight piles on a body already overwhelmed with disorder related weight gain.

No one should sit in judgement. The world is not kind to those with fat disorders.

The world didn’t like my being large. I didn’t care for it either, but after dieting since I was a child and learning what was what regarding my weight, I learned to accept my largeness and high level of disability as did my now husband and others who love me.

So having had fat disorders starting in childhood, imagine my personal euphoria when seeing how physically and emotionally healing the correct plant-based diet can be.

The big moment was after this last bit of weight loss, I refigured my BMI for the first time in ages. . I am no longer morbidly obese!

My labs show the healing power of a low fat, low glycemic index, low sodium, no processed food, no animal products of any kind, plant-based diet. No counting carbs, no counting calories. A totally new relationship with food and my body was put in place three months back.

It will only work if I could accept myself as someone deserving to be healed physically and emotionally. Meal time has become not an experience where I numb out, but instead I now know exactly what the food I eat is going to do for my body and life.  My level of gratitude is enormous. There is peace in such healing and gratitude.

I still have my fat disorders and technically diabetic.  I don’t know when the weight loss will stop.  My blood pressure is normal, blood sugars are normal, and my LDL cholesterol dropped 57%.  By month two I had dropped from a 3x to a 0x in a plus size women’s boutique.  I was still swelling up from the fat disorders but the swelling was not the rush of 14 pounds coming on me at the drop of a hat. It was a weight fluctuation of just few pounds.

That horrible term, “Morbidly Obese”  no longer applies to me. Onward I go. These disorders I’ll likely carry the rest of my life, but eating to heal my body, I stand a fighting chance not to be viewed as a side show attraction any more. If however, people still do see me as a side show attraction, I’m charging admission and doing a tap dance.

*For my sisters and brothers in the fat disorder community, give plant-based eating a try. No counting cabs, no counting calories. It will help to better regulate your body. It will help diminish inflammation.  You stick with different non animal product food groups and keep it low sodium, unprocessed and low glycemic index. Read some of my prior writings and start with looking up either the app for your phone or tablet, or look online for Dr. Michael Greger’s Daily Dozen   


Note: You can come and hear Dr. Michael Greger and others speak at the STL Plant-Based Summit on July  14th, 2018  Get information here

STL Plant Based Summit



Eating Healthy When Chronically Ill


We put together a big batch of this for to keep in the fridge. Cucumber cartot citrus salad with peas and tomatoes. Ate off it all weekend.

It is true that I have had some positive changes in my health since eating a plant-based diet over the last weeks. However I am still suffering from medically verified chronic illnesses. They range from the tragically common to the annoyingly rare.

I still get my butt kicked by them especially if I forget myself and become too active… Like having the audacity to go along for errands and using my scooter instead of walking, or walking across a small restaurant floor to sit at a table.

This is when, the busy world be damned, I double down in taking the best care of myself possible.

In bed I go. It can be days, weeks, months. Even in bed or wheelchair there’s no escaping the pain or the long list of other issues that come with it.. I’m rarely on my feat.  It’s been years since I haven’t been in significant pain. Movement builds up lactic acid in my muscles which just makes it worse so bed rest is the best I can do.

There was a time that my poor husband would throw together something for me to eat or go through a drive-thru. The fat, sodium, and inflammatory qualities of red meat wood just make me sicker.

Over time I’ve gotten very good at predicting when I’m going to be bed bound. When I have one or few good days in a row I’m really bad about overdoing it because I want to make hay while the sun shines. It’s an easy trap to fall into.

If I focus on plant-based nutrition, I find I recover a little quicker and have more emotional energy to stay positive during these times.

We keep our weekly shopping list to what will be the highest nutrition and easiest to manage regardless of my being in bed or sofa bound.

We do buy a limited amount of processed plant-based foods like pre-made veggie burgers and crumbles, canned beans and frozen vegetables for cases of emergency.

It’s important to make and freeze some meals in advance. Tonight we made sure he put 18 homemade spicy black bean burgers in the fridge that in the morning my husband will grill up and toss in the freezer.

I give myself permission to heal any way needed. It’s ok to find joy as I do so. Joy is healing.

Because of the plant-based diet my frame of mind is more positive and my body is changing in positive ways.  I know I’m also doing everything I can to have a quality life. Going to a plant-based diet has been the most positive medical experience I’ve ever had.

There is so much about having chronic illnesses that have no cure and few treatments that makes you feel out of control. Seeing positive results on blood sugars, hypertension,weight and swelling, from the foods you put in your mouth is empowering.