A Year Without Animal Products And The “Unlikely” Woman Is “Glad”

Last year I started this blog. I felt at that time that the most honest title I could give it would be “The Unlikely No Meat Please Gal”. Meat and animal products had been the center of all my meals for 55 years.

I grew up in the Ohio farmlands and there were a few decades where very few vegetables were consumed but many, many meals of meat, eggs and dairy. So the chances of ever saying, “no meat please” were practically non existent. So that was the title of this blog,”The Unlikely No Meat Please Gal”

After more than a year of not eating meat, dairy or eggs, I felt that it was time to change the name of this blogging effort. I thought about why my commitment to not eating meat and other animal products was strong, and the new title was easy. I thought about the reversal of my heart and diabetic issues. I thought about how the dress I wore when I married my husband 10 years ago is now way too big for me and yet a year back I couldn’t have squeezed into it. And just the hope it all has brought to me.

I am indeed “The Glad To Not Eat Meat Gal”: A fat girlĀ  from St. Louis, Missouri who is now at a much healthier weight and better lab results. All of that inspite of 3 fat disorders (lipedema, lymphedema, Dercum’s Disease) that makes it very difficult to lose weight. Am I cured of any of them? I stand firm in saying that it has reversed some of the symptoms. I would not say that I am cured, but I’ve changed the quality of my life and I no longer feel helpless. So in addition to everything else, less depression that comes with being diagnosed with a rare disorder that had taken over my life.

From 13 pills a day to one prescription and a selenium supplement, down in clothes sizes and up in hope,, I am forever The Glad To Not Eat Meat Gal. I am forever no animal products or oils, period.


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Thank you to my friends, family, doctors, Forks Over Knives community, the STL Veg Girl, Dr, Joel Kahn’s publicly shared information on this topic, nutritionfacts.org , Clayton Medical Associates and my fellow members of the Lipedema, Lymphedema and Dercum’s Disease communities who have supported me on my efforts.

2 thoughts on “A Year Without Animal Products And The “Unlikely” Woman Is “Glad”

  1. That’s awesome! You are a light for me. My husband is a hunter and we raise chickens, so turning into a whole food plant based no oil woman is HARD! However, I’m doing it. I lost 35 pounds and brought my A1c down during a six month stint over a year ago, but my doctor took me off of it and told me to go back to a regular diabetic diet. I gained back 10 pounds and my A1c went right back up. I may be an unlikely “no meat please” gal, but I’m a determined “no meat please” gal! Congrats on your successful journey. I’ll be following you and looking for inspiration!


    1. Hi Carol. I totally understand. Listen to your body! Stay in touch! I want to hear how you do. Make sure you get labs done regularly to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need no matter how you eat. And doctors, it’s always best to follow your doctor’s recommendation but maybe you need a different doctor! It’s all about what works for you. Surprised he would change you if it was working. Best wishes. I refuse to work with any doctor who doesn’t see what this has done for me. So far they just go with it. Thankfully it was so obvious that they couldn’t argue.


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