The Dance Of Kindness And Forgiveness

The impact of food is only the start. You still have to take part in the “Dance Of Kindness and Forgiveness”

Good Will Prevails

Oh Yes We Dance

In healing some of my body and mind in the last year through eating WFPB oil free low glycemic Index, low fat, no oils, I want to write about Kindness and Forgiveness as we interact with each other.

We live on the same planet and interact with each other in person and online, weaving in and out of contact with one another. It can be a puzzle why people act or respond as they do. Our own wounds and stresses can keep us from knowing how we come across to people. Other times they can also make one more sensitive and get easily hurt.  At times it’s easy to relate to a person and other times we feel frustration or confusion from interactions. There is a type of dance going on related to the presence of or lack of kindness and forgiveness as we are on…

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