Observations: Accepting or Rejecting “Gifts” Both Material and Spiritual

For those who have spiritual interests as part of their staying centered…

Good Will Prevails

Do you have someone in your life who is terrible to give anything to because they aren’t comfortable receiving gifts?  For me that would be my husband Tim. From what I know it’s how he’s always been with the women he loves. Although we’ve been married for almost 10 years and very much in love, my husband remains the hardest person I know to give presents to. Even if he needs something, he still isn’t great about accepting that gift.
He claimed to love Clint Eastwood movies but that collector’s set has never been watched. It’s been a few years.
He works for his company from home in a drafty office in the basement where he keeps a heater on year round. He always complains about being cold. I bought him warmer clothing in styles and fabrics he has worn in the past, he rarely wears them. He walks around…

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