“Plant-Based Diet Took Off 50 lbs in 3 Months”

Today I realized I lost 50 pounds in under 3 months. No fasting, no surgeries, no gimmicks.  No starving either. My past blog posts explains how I did it what it accomplished for my health.

But for now, here are some photos. First photo is 50 pounds down taken 6/26/18 and the second photo is me on or about April 7th, 2018.

About the 50 pounds heavier photo..Other people lose weight after the flu, not me. I ended up in the hospital and because of my fat disorders, I gained ten pounds that week even with not eating and nothing staying down.  (that’s what lipedema, Dercum’s and lymphedema does).

So the first photo on the left here is a big deal. To lose weight, any weight and without much exercise since I am disabled, is a big deal.  50 pounds down for the gal who can go without eating and still gain weight.



I am so grateful to Forks Over Knives, and the researchers who appeared in the documentary. Their combined research and writings have changed my life. 

Forks Over Knives is a Documentary you can catch on Netflix. They also have books out and you can look them up on their website. Make sure to catch the documentary or the books. There are more resources contained in them.

RSTL Plant Based Summit

So wonderfully excited to be attending the St. Louis, Missouri Summit.  It’s quite a bargain. Not familiar with experts listed? Look them up! You see why this is going to be fabulous.  I will be in the audience soaking in all the info I can get!

Get more information and register at this website

Here is to my reaching my goal of another 40-50 pounds.  Here is to you being kind to yourself and your dreams coming true. Here is to healthy. 

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