” Whatever you did with that Symphony Chocolate Bar, get it and destroy it. Throw it out”, I told my husband as I saw the hurt look on his face.

I had asked him to bring it home to me as I laid in pain from Dercum’s Disease. I was weak and the request for the chocolate to be brought home came out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying.

I ate 4 squares of the chocolate bar, left 4/5ths of the oversized giant bar of chocolate in it’s wrapper for another time. My husband had taken it to keep it out of reach for me, at my request.

But I noticed something that wouldn’t surprise most savvy nutrition smart doctors. Eating just that small amount of chocolate created inside me a ravishing hunger to eat foods I had avoided for over a month. Sugary unhealthy foods rushed into my mind.

For over a month I hadn’t felt any need for sugary foods, not even chocolate. My cravings had gone from strong to non existent literally the moment I went vegan. So why in blazes did I open the flood gate again by having even a small bit of chocolate?

The pain I have from Dercum’s Disease is so strong so much of the time, and there is little that can be done about it. This time the pain was a doozy that landed me in bed for two days.

So yes, I admit it. I cheated and ate something with dairy and sugar in it.  I know much more of that chocolate bar awaited me just for the asking. I knew what I had to do.That chocolate bar was going to have to take the hit for this, and I knew that didn’t mean being eaten by anyone in our home.

My husband looked confused when I asked him to throw the candy bar out.

” You only ate four tiny bites. It’s not the end of the world.” he said.

I cut him off saying,”Please Tim, just do as I ask. It gave me cravings I’ve not had for weeks and I can’t go back to all that again.”

Being the dutiful husband he threw out the candy bar.

That was yesterday. Today I dined on cabbage soup, a veggie burger, and lots of salad. Back on track just in time to see pound 22 had rolled off me.  The experience of how close I could have been lost in old food habits was not lost on me.

Ode To A Chocolate Bar

Oh Candy Bar you are so sweet, through pain our paths did cross.

You slayed me with your darkened charm my logic was all lost.

Four bites I took like a maniac, who had forgotten her own way.

You were set aside for future plans but then my brain did say.

“That tasted good, now lets have lots more, I really want more now

You’ll do my bidding, I’m in charge, now don’t be proud!”

All this nonsense from candy sweet, I couldn’t let that stand.

“I’m in control, not you!.” I said.  I assigned my best hitman.

My husband did the deed alright, he tossed you out, chocolate bar.

I’m breaking up with you because my health’s  worth more, by far.






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